Banana Chips

We are going to make navratri special snacks recipe using banana, "Banana Chips". Its one of the crispy and healthy snacks dish.

by Paamathi Wednesday 14th of October 2015 08:45:57 AM

Ingredients for Banana Chips

  • Banana - 4
  • Salt
  • Pepper Powder
  • Oil

Preparation of Banana Chips Recipe

Take water in a bowl.

Take a banana and peel it.

Slice the Banana using a slicer and put them directly into the bowl with water.

In the same way slice all the bananas.

Take the banana slices from water and spread them in a cloth and allow it to dry completely.

Now take a pan and heat oil.

When the oil got medium heat, deep fry the dried banana slices.

Fry them until the banana slices turns crispy.

Transfer the chips to a bowl. Add salt and pepper powder as needed. Mix them carefully.

Store them in a air tight container.

Navratri special crispy and tasty, Banana Chips is ready.

Tips - Banana Chips

For getting the crispy chips allow the banana slices to dry completely.

We can add red chili powder instead of pepper powder for different taste.