Kaju Katli

"Kaju Katli", our favorite traditional Indian sweet recipe.Let us learn how to make our delicious kaju katli sweet with simple steps.

by Paamathi Thursday 11th of September 2014 05:30:12 PM

Ingredients for Kaju Katli Sweet

  • Cashew nut - 1 Cup
  • Sugar - 1 Cup
  • Water - 1 Cup
  • Cardamom - 1
  • Ghee

Preparation of Kaju Katli Recipe

Powder the Cashew nut in dry grinder.

Take a heavy bottomed pan, add water and sugar to make sugar syrup.

Heat the sugar syrup on low flame till the sugar gets dissolve in water completely.

When the sugar syrup got the thick consistency add the powdered Cashews.

Stir the cashew powder continuously till the mixture gets thick and starts boiling.

Turn off the flame.

If you roll a small amount of mixture it should not stick in your hand, then you got the correct consistency.

Stir them till it becomes a smooth dough.

Take a flat plate and spread ghee on the plate.

Once the cashews mixture cools, roll the mixture in the plate and make a thin layer.

Cut the cashew mixture diagonally with a Sharpe knife.

Our easy and tasty "Kaju Katli" are ready.

Tips - Kaju Katli Sweet Recipe

Add the cashew powder only when the sugar syrup got thick consistency.If the sugar syrup doesn't gets the perfect consistency then the dough will become sticky.

We can add rose petals to the cashew dough.

While cutting the katli, apply ghee on knife for smooth shapes.

We can also add rose water or saffrons.