Pepper Chicken

Sunday !!! Looking for a simple as well as a different recipe with chicken? How about an interesting, spicy, tasty pepper chicken.

by Paamathi Saturday 16th of August 2014 05:08:36 PM

Ingredients for Pepper Chicken:

  • Chicken – 1/2 KG
  • Onion – 2 (Finely chopped)
  • Tomato – 1 Cup (Finely chopped)
  • Garlic and ginger paste – 1 table spoon
  • Curd – 4 spoons
  • Chili Powder – 1 spoon
  • Coriander Powder – 2 spoon
  • Garam Masala Powder – 1/2 spoon
  • Cloves – 4 Nos
  • Pepper Powder – 2 to 3 spoons
  • Oil and Salt - Needed

Preparation of Pepper Chicken :

Take a pan and heat it with 2 to 3 spoons of oil.

Add Paatai and Cloves to the oil.

Now, add the finely chopped onions and sauté it well.

After the onion turns golden brown and the finely chopped tomatoes and mix well.

Then add the ginger garlic paste and chili powder and sauté it till the raw smell disappears.

Now add all the powders one by one (Chilli powder , Coriander Powder and Garam Masala Powder )

Now, add our hero of the dish “chicken” along with the curd and salt to taste.

Mix the whole masala well so that the masala goes into the chicken.

Afer few minutes you can see the oil getting separates, now add the 'Pepper powder' and mix once.

Finally, add the chopped corianders. Our tasty specie hot pepper chicken got ready.