Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to make our visitors clear on what we have given our website ( and how we use those contents.

  1. Users should always have a copy of their recipe, beauty tips, health tips and other contents, before posting them to our website ( For a better security reason users may have a copy in their E-mail (Email id used for creating account in inbox by sending the content to other email or their own email. This will help us to identify and take action on the illegal users who can miss use the user's content.

  2. have complete copyright on all the contents published in the website. This means that we have rights to publish a book or can have video record based on the contents in our website (

  3. User should have already experimented the recipe or the tips before you post them in our website so that it shouldn't affect visitors who try those recipes. If people got harm due to the recipes submitted by a user we have rights to take actions legally.

  4. Though our admin reviews each posts before publishing in our website, we are not experimenting them. So, will not be responsible if the recipes, health tips or health tips creates any harm.

  5. If our visitor gives good feedback or response to the posts submitted by a user, we always ready to give appreciation and also a reward.

  6. We always appreciate the feedback from our users or visitor for a betterment of the quality of content so that it will help many other visitors to lead a healthy life.

  7. If any visitors came to see your copyrighted content in our website which is submitted a user without your permission, you can inform us with the witness. We will remove the post if all the witness got proved.

  8. There is no age limit for the visitor to use our website ( contents given in our website are purely based on the health basis which is suitable for all. To post your recipes, health tips, beauty tips and other content users should have completed their 18 years of age.

  9. All the registrations, login and post submission are free of cost in

  10. The terms of use and privacy policy can be modified by at any point of time.